Studio MVW is one of Shanghai’s most renowned design and interior design studios founded by the Chinese designer Xu Ming and the French architect Virginie Moriette in Shanghai in 2006. Nature as a mode of expression is pivotal to their work; they believe the language of nature forms a subtle undercurrent that connects contemporary Western and Chinese aesthetics and ways of life. Combining traditional and contemporary elements, functions and aesthetics, they emphasis on innovation and impeccable detail for their design pieces. Their creations are displayed in architecture, interior design and furniture domains with signature styles, and have won awards both in China and internationally.


Their works have been extensively covered in local and international press and have been exhibited in Salon A+D New York 2017, Paris at Gallery BSL, PAD Paris and London, Amsterdam for “Experimenta”, Beijing, Chicago, London for “China Design Now”, Milan and Shanghai.

明合文吉 Studio MVW 


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