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Qian Jing is the designer and founder of MEW handmade carpet. She graduated from China Academy of Fine Arts, the Institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse in France, and the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in Germany. Since 2009, Qian Jing has been focusing on the culture, art and fashion in graphic design, and searching for a visual language that may convey her own personality between the two cultures and living environments. Touched by the ambiguity of identity and the disappearance of geographical boundaries in her own experience, she pays more attention to the visual graphics itself: the accidental, sporadic, interesting, random, unbalanced concepts that are more detailed and relaxed constitute her creative motivation. She has collaborated with multiple brands and art institutions, artists and art galleries in graphic design, and in 2017, Qian Jing founded the MEW handmade carpet, with the ambition to integrate her own visual graphic style and language in carpet, the key visual object or carrier in a space, on the basis of retaining the traditional handcraft.

钱静 Qian Jing


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