Paris-based Galerie Studiolo is a ground-breaking new collaboration, a unique and pioneering partnership between an architect and auctioneer, its mission is to protect and promote craft and design through alternative pathways. Galerie Studiolo’s aim is to enhance and utilise organic and recycled elements, to revisit and push the boundaries in the use of traditional materials and cross-cultural influences with its artists throughout the globe.

Galerie Studiolo


+ 33 616503063

The gallery has developed into a nomadic format, to offer the flexibility to adapt to a rapidly mutating market. Thus, it permits each international project and experience of alternative creativity to be exhibited in exciting locations, fairs, rare interiors and pop-up galleries. 


A key-piece of Galerie Studiolo’s booth is Fabrice Ausset’s wing manifesting the boldness of associating the interplay between Plexiglas and swollen stainless steel, creating a progressive, futuristic base. In contrast to Fabrice’s impressive use of technology, the other center-piece is Nawelle Aineche’s pioneering masterpiece of handmade silk embroidery with repurposed magnetic tape. When traditional technics turns waste symbols of has-been technology into a collectible piece.


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