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Founded in Paris in 1982, Galerie DUMONTEIL has been a major player in the market of the figurative sculpture. The gallery has two gallery spaces in Paris and Shanghai. For more than two decades, the gallery has devoted itself to the discovery of and promotion of talented contemporary artists.


Today, artists such as Daniel Daviau, Tess Dumon, Jean-Marie Fiori, Eric Pillot, Rubén Fuentes, Hubert le Gall, Lin Guocheng, Wensen Qi, Ugo Schildge, Wang Keping, and Nisky Yu, share the walls of the gallery spaces, creating a truly diverse group of objects for the appreciation of collectors.

“The Eternal Spring” cabinet and “Two Rabbit- Shape Wall Decoration”, the two highlighted pieces for the booth both came from the French designer and sculptor Hubert Le Gall (b.1961). He creates poetic and functional furnitures. He plays on shapes, light and colours by combining unusual ideas and working with various materials. Many of his creations are present in the permanent collections of French and international museums.He has carried out several projects for national furniture and several French embassies abroad.


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