Chi Wing Lo, the founder of Dimensione Chi Wing Lo and "Yi Fang", the second Designer Director of KANJIAN Creation, famous overseas Chinese designer, renowned for his architectural, spatial and furniture design. He has concentrated on the purification of concept, poetic interpretation, attention to details, which has been respected by Italian and international design community. He is one of the very few Chinese designers well accepted by the contemporary Italian design community.

KANJIAN was founded in 2012.6 by Zhu Zheqin. It is a social enterprise promoting contemporary design inspired by wisdom of traditional Chinese crafts. KANJIAN brings together prominent designers in China and from abroad, to work closely with local craftsmen to realize exemplary products with new possibilities 看见·戏石屏风 and interpretation derived from traditional Chinese materials and techniques. “Celebrate Quality” is the founding motto of KANJIAN.

卢志荣 Chi Wing Lo


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